A poster listing all the headmasters of Old Kampala Senior Secondary School since its foundation hangs on one of the building walls near the Headmaster's Office.

(Probably not completely accurate as some memories may have faded over time.)

A portrait of Mr. R.P. Jones, well remembered as a strict but fair disciplinarian, hangs in the Headmaster's Office.

Ms. Aziida Ntegana Nsubuga is the Headmistress.  

An alumnus of the school, she obtained a B.Ed and a M.A. in Counselling from the Makerere University. She has been teaching history and religious studies for the past 15 years. Prior to being headmistress she was the staff member in charge of the general welfare of the student's she exhibits a keen eye for the detail in identifying the varied needs of the students. "I love community work that also empowers women and the youth", she says.