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Newsletter – October 2020


Dear well-wisher,

These are difficult times. We are in the midst of a pandemic. The coronavirus has brought hardship and suffering all over the world. But in developing countries, and especially among the poor, the impact has been far more pronounced, worsened by lack of medical care and social support programs.

During the pandemic, our work continues.

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Books from Scotland to Uganda!


In the summer of 2018 some of the trustees and well-wishers of OKAS Fund visited Books Abroad, a U.K.-registered charity founded some four decades ago.  

Books Abroad is based in Rhynie, a small village in Northern Scotland. It is 40 miles west of the coastal town of Aberdeen, and about 140 miles north of Edinburgh.

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Mayoor Patel of OKAS Fund meets Ugandan High Commissioner to UK


On 25th November 2016, Mayoor Patel BCAo, a founding trustee of OKAS Fund, was invited by , the Ugandan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom for a private audience.
Mayoor took the opportunity to present to HE Kikafunda OKAS Fund’s seminal project of providing textbooks to his alma mater, the Old Kampala Senior Secondary School.

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November update okasfund Textbook Project


Text Book Project

To ensure that all students at the Old Kampala Senior Secondary School have access to textbooks

 Less than 10% of the 2000 students currently enrolled in classes Senior 1 to Senior 6 have access to standard textbooks.
 Most students rely on classroom notes prepared by their teachers using books that are outdated editions.
 Despite this severe limitation, many students continue to achieve stellar grades in both ‘O’ and ‘A’ level exams.


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Prime Minister David Cameron recognises Arun and Mayoor Patel for Points of Light award – 10 Downing St Website


​The Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron twitted on the Hindu New Years day

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Brothers who set up polio charity hailed by Prime Minister David Cameron


Our Trustees.
Mayoor and Arun Patel were recognised in the Points of Light by British Prime Minister David Cameroon.
In an article on The Bolton News titled
Brothers who set up polio charity hailed by Prime Minister David Cameron
The article reported
"Mayoor Patel and his older brother Arun Patel have been given a Point of Light award to recognise their work with the Polio Children charity."

Mayoor explained how he heard the news, when was interviewed on Bolton FM radio

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Mayoor Patel one hero recognized in January 2016 for his charity work


"Forget the New Year's honours, these are the UK's everyday heroes"

The Independent

One of our trustees Mayoor Patel was one of those heroes, he was recognized  in January 2016 for his charity work in India and Africa

Here is what the independent had to say

"Through several charitable endeavours Mayoor has assisted thousands of children disadvantaged by poverty or ill-health in Africa and the Indian sub-continent, often helping them to gain access into university education. Over the years he has been instrumental in helping raise over £1.5m for his charities." 

The Independent​

Bolton man who helped 2,000 pupils wins national award

Bolton Evening News​

Mayoor Patel was nominated for this award by his friend Vilas Patel.

​She said to the Bolton Evening News

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